Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh I'm so excited!
Tomorrow's Christmas eve!!!! hehehehehehehehehehheehhehehe
Lots of celebrations! YAY! From Christmas Eve till Boxing Day! hoo-haaa!!

I shall wear my christmas hat man hehe!

and and and and and I have new hair...yeeeehaaaaa! Its coloured... XD

lol random shot...
the real colour is two shades lighter than what you see from the picture actually...
Any comments people? Its alright to me and I actually like it...credits to James who recommended me this colour...
but guess what my mom gave me a big AIIIIYEERRRRRR....sweaaaat -__________-'
she doesn't like my hair~!!!!
arghhh..maybe she's just not used to see my hair coloured..hmm....

Three things I'm grateful of for today :-
1. I'm grateful that I successfully made 汤圆 again
2. I'm grateful that I didn't dream about spiders last night
3. I'm grateful that I made to the saloon and now I have a totally new look again

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