Saturday, December 27, 2008

What I did for Christmas

On eve, went for dinner with the bf <3
I decided to put on my christmas hat that I brought along to dinner...and people were staring at me sweat la seriously...geez jakuns not seen people wear Christmas hat before =.=

These were what I had for dinner =)

and two thumbs up for this toufu! wheeee~ I love toufu...

Then....I was so busy taking pictures in the car...*chi chak* *chi chak* allllll the wayyyy....

and he started to join the fun wearing the christmas hat with me!!!! cute

lol...the car was going slow due to the massive traffic jam and cars were parked everywhere....and people from next car and even pedestrians were staring at us [we both caught so many eyes looking]....i really don't know why...didn't bother much....I kept taking pictures coz I was in such a mood to camwhore...
Then I was sent to join my family after that...not to dinner second round but since they were somewhere near so I joined them to chat a bit...

the old man and I =D

And after that I joined my brother to his friend's place for Christmas barbeque..I had so much fun and they were the craziest people ever...funny people =) made me laughed the whole night...besides barbeque we played cards and had wine and beer too...everyone was on high and everyone goes crazy!

god knows what were they three on one...scaryy....and the guy who's topless he has a really big guardian angel tattoo on his back...WHOA! Its perfectly done and he got it from UK about a year ago....mmm nice nice =) the party ended really late...and I fell flat on my bed right away when i reached home..

The next morning was Christmas =)
We went to my uncle's house for lunch...of turkey, lamb, wine, salad and chocolates...mmhmm a perfect lunch for Christmas day..

opps mind the hungry man behind haha.....

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