Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello Wednesday =)
I've been busy whole day coz my house is getting a new outlook hee =)
Every single bit of the walls are being painted and now my room is pink! yes creamy pink <3
but the stench from the paint is seriously making me go cuckoo...
hope the smell will go away soon =( if not it'll be so difficult for me to get a good night sleep..

Oh btw..i have new hair...I don't like the way it looked like for no pictures haha..

Okay I found out something from someone who got to know from another someone...Its been a while since I last sense something fishy is going on and now its even fishier because I was so blur when someone asked me about something which I'm supposed to know but I DO NOT KNOW =.='
Everyone seem so mysterious these days.......and to my surprise I've not been receiving texts from people whom I expect to receive from and sadly people who're not supposed to text me are texting bothers me so much when my number is being passed around..

I am actually feeling quite satisfied when I recalled back our (A and I) performance during PC fair..haha at least there's a teeny weeny bit of achivement..little better then none..agree? hehe...tho I was a lil disappointed that we could not hit our target but compared to the previous one..we did a good job! and y'know people actually walked to us get our contact because they wana hire us for the upcoming events! geez..!!!! after all the hard work...phew at least there's something to pay it off...

I was told that I have a 'good wife' face from someone who has nothing better to do =.= I was like...sweat....first time ever someone told me I have a 'good wife' face...
haha..well I'll take it as a least there's someone to appreciate me..better than some other people

Sad memories are coming back what the fvck..I got to go

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