Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everyday should be like Valentine's Day

14th February- A day where every couple would celebrate their love with their loved ones.
I think that love should be celebrated every single day. Not only once a year. The world would be so much more wonderful if everyone makes their partner feel special everyday and not just that one particular day of the year. But of course its not quite possible to make it every single day but most of the days perhaps? I'm sure every girl want to feel special always. I'm no exceptional :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you again boo. Even though its not Valentine's Day anymore but I won't mind celebrating our love every single day :)

I was in KL again for the weekend.
Went to Luna Bar to chill and to celebrate Moji's birthday. It was not bad but most of them said they prefer Sky Bar better.

We were sitting on the pool side and the alter was the famous place where FHM girls did their magazine shooting. The cylinder space which has blue lights is the DJ console with a buff DJ inside hee :)

You can also see the Petronas Twin Towers' peak from here. But sadly the lights will be off 12am everyday so you could only enjoy the bright scene of the skyscraper till 12 am =/

We visited Seremban as well. We drove all the way there just to have the Hakka Mee for lunch actually. It was really awesome. So sinfully tasty and its the 'you-will-totally-ask-for-more' thing! I would rate it 10/10. So sorry I forgot the name of the shop. Publicity fail.

After lunch, the Seremban guys brought us to buy their famous Siew Pao. Little did I know the cheese tart was the bomb! Haha. It was one of the best cheese tarts I've tried. Its a baked cheese tart and it was freshly baked when I had it. So orgasmic!

The fluffy cream cheese on top with the runny blueberry filling and the crispy and aromatic pastry base. Yumm!
I'm such a sucker for cheese tarts. Wtf.

I shall end this post with a picture of myself. Its been so long since I last camwhored.
Here's to all of you:

May everyday will be like Valentine's Day to all of you :)
Make your loved one feel special and you will feel special yourself too.



ken said...

i want the cheese tart! :D

Ciara said...

Haha go grab it! Its in Seremban but i'm sorry I forgot the shop name @.@

Ciara said...
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-LuvergalViv- said...

omnomnom cheesetart! =)

Ciara said...

haha yay to cheese tart! :)