Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year no?

I'm finally back in cyber space. I have been away for more than a week since I left Penang back to Ipoh for Chinese New Year. How was your Chinese New Year?
Hope all of you had a jolly one. 9 out of 10 Chinese New Year wishes and blessings commonly sounded like 'Happy Chinese New Year!' no matter who is it for. I got a lot of those but this year is a bit different. I heard a few 'Happy Rabbit New Year!' and what not. Chinese New Year wasn't that happy after all.
Quite a number of unfortunate incidents happened which kills the Happy-Chinese-New-Year mood. I pray it will all end by now. Seriously.
I had fever twice in a week which caused me to have to opt for injection so that I could recover faster. Not only fever, cough and flu came too.

Then the day before CNY eve the car got kissed by another car which totally freaked us out because it was parked near us along the road side and we were just having a quick dinner. That brilliant culprit 'accidentally' bumped onto the car that was parked behind our car. Hence the car behind rolled towards our car and kissed it hard. Wtf.

Then, grandma was admitted to the hospital due to stroke. This totally broke my heart into pieces. I am so freggin worried especially when I see her feeling so weak, gasping for air and trying so hard to move. Its too heart wrenching.

And on the third day of Chinese New Year my brother went out with his friends and came back with his car's rear glass all shattered. Wtf. The best part is nobody knew how it happened.

Now you see know why its not that happy after all. But of course overall it was still a good one. Who would say a season to get red packets and continuous gatherings with friends and family as a bad one right?
I am missing everyone back in Ipoh already. Especially my mom and my super cute nephews and nieces.
A decent group picture of us after so long!Priceless! :D

Check out Amy's toes and mine! haha :D

Wheeeee~ <3

In dilemma now to decide where should I be this weekend. :/

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