Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of Reptiles and what not.

How did your weekend go lovelies?
Guess my weekend was quite an interesting one :D I'm so glad I didn't run home actually. Hanging out with that crazy bunch was such a fun. Haha.
We were camping at Borders yesterday for hours from noon till dinner time and then back to Borders and end up left with embarrassment because we were too loud and everyone got distracted by us. Damn.

So at night we were at YK's place and she has an awesome collection of reptiles! From roaches to snakes and even geckhos!

This pretty little thing crawled on my arm :)

See see!

And this pretty snake, gentle but scary when she comes near my face.
I was so amused by her collection! I've never seen so many of these in someone's house before.

So we were having booze after that and we're all not much of a drinker except miss Grobe. As usual I was laughing so crazily and I couldn't handle my laughters =/

Look at her so sober and happy with the rice pot on the head.
She's the most sober one by the end of the game. Project Wasted winner. Wtf.

I shall out now.
YK's beanie :D



Ames said...

omgg ur fren's collection is so cool!
err except the cockroaches part.. :S

Ciara said...

hahahahaha I know you're afraid of roaches. Cool max right. I'm totally in love with that geckho.

Hani said...
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pistola said...

This post just made me go all 'awwwwwww'! Awesome tribute post and my reptiles look really nice in your blogpost! Cheers ciara! <3

Ciara said...

Hey thanks! Awesome reptiles right?? :D