Sunday, June 21, 2009

Korean dinner.

It was a funny day. I had a lot of emotions. I was happy, was sad, was frustrated, was satisfied, was even feeling insulted -______________________-'

Anyhow, I survived. Man, its been seriously so long since I last felt so insulted by someone-someone as in a random person or maybe a stranger. Nahh I shall just forget about it. =.=' ISH.

Had Korean for dinner today~!! Totally scrumptious! and its the main thingy that made my day:)

My all time favourite Ginseng Chicken Stew.

I chose the Ginseng Chicken Stew and the rest my mom ordered. The amount of food really stuffed the both of us to the max. We couldn't finish tho. She's so greedy haha thinking that the both of us are able to finish that much. =.='

My mom said I talk funny. Well sometimes I really do. I tend to imagine stuff. Or when I'm out of idea some nonsensical stuff will come out. Today I said stuff like things that are going to happen can happen in a blink of eye where time is negligible? Whereas its actually quite time consuming. Never mind if you don't understand. Its really nice of you if you have read up to here haha.

Okay tomorrow...a lot to do as well. "Remember to wash your shoes Ciara O'Hara!" Someone please remind me.

This Saturday-BIG DAY.

p/s: I'm addicted to Restaurant City.

p/p/s: I wana play GUITAR HERO. OMG I miss Guitar Hero SO MUCH.


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is it the one near Imax

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