Friday, June 19, 2009

Mushroom soup from scratch

The weather is so so so hot and humid omg.
I had a busy busy day and was driving to quite a few places. As soon as I stepped out from the indoors/car it really felt like I was on a hot sizzling pan. Phew. I need fresh air. I would be grateful even for the thinnest air to smack on my face.

I'm still so freggin ANXIOUS for my mail to reach my doorstep. Pretty please let my mail arrive safely. I can't wait no more.

I talked to a random friend today. UPU results were out. To my surprise, a chinese STPM graduate scoring more than 3.5 cgpa will also be 'dumped' to Kelantan to study a subject that he/she did not choose. Oh my, I can't imagine which jungle will I end up at if USM didn't accept me. I have the slightest chance to be able to study what and where I wanted to. Hallelujah.

Did you all know Ah Kiu and Edison Chen are both coming to Malaysia? Haha. Ironic.

AWESOME HOMEMADE MUSHROOM SOUP with buttered toast. Ahhh satisfying!
Yes I had that as dinner. No kidding.

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