Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tough week survived

Heyyyy guys! I've finally settled down in USM. Phew. [Fyi, I'm studying Communications in USM for those who didn't know :)] and FINALLY I can online in my own room! Here's briefly what I went thru for the past few days:-

Day 1 of orientation- Registration was hectic! There were so many people and I had to carry so many stuff till my back ached and my hostel is freggin far from everywhere. Really freggin far okay. From my hostel to my school is like 25 to 30 minutes walk. 20 minutes if I partially jog. Okay back to registeration, the first thing was putting us to our rooms. It was dusty but FORTUNATELY not musty. I'm staying in the new hostel but the furthest=.=. When I walk back to my hostel from school I always feel 'aih-so-close-yet-so-far' that kinda feeling coz you could see it clearly but its taking so long to reach. So practically the first day was cleaning up and arranging stuff. Had a short talk too after that.

Day2- Where the torture started, not tortured by seniors like other unis but tortured by the distance. From looooooooooooong walks to looooooooooooong talks, nothing enjoyable. The best part is having so many new friends in a short period. Need to remember so many names haha.

There, the hall where I've been almost everyday since Day1.

Day3- Woke up before sun rises as usual, it was Majlis Sambutan Siswa [MMS] day. Was a really formal event and everyone dressed up nicely and formal. We met our deans and the high ranking ones in uni. Quite boring so we camwhored a bit, played games -___________-' slept, talked and laughed. There this guy I think he has the second highest rank in USM, he talked for muthafuckin almost 2 hours. IT WAS HIS SPEECH. Where got speech so long har?? Really siao. Plus he was monotoneous WTF how boring rightttt??? He got the loudest applause of all coz everyone was tooooo relieved that his speech ended. ROFL.

Can you see the 'oh-my-god-I'm-so-boring' look?

Day4 and 5- Woke up early morning again, walked and walked and walked and walked to the hall, then i slept and slept and slept in the hall. Nothing interesting. OH! It was one of these two days that I carried my lappie along ALLL the way from my hostel to the computer centre to register my lappie so that I could get the internet access in my hostel [yea so jakun that its a must to bring lappie there to be able to online] THEN! That stupid technician fella told me he didn't wana help me because its his break and he was sitting there doing NOTHING eh...aiiii as usual government servants [no offence but its the fact] so I carried my lappie here and there for nothing. Its heavy lor! GRR~! That was the day where I walked the most. Total walking time for the day was almost 3 HOURS. 3 HOURS in the uni only! Pukima.

Day6- Regsteration for our courses. We had to choose our courses and choose our classes. I was trying so hard to make my Mondays free but shit just because of the compulsary english class I have to take I don't have my long weekend anymore. And its only a ONE hour class damn. Then at night there was a talk by Dr.Mahathir's son. My friends and I all decided to skip so we went outside campus for dinner. Hardcore.

This is the filming studio in my school.

This part is for the news reading practise. Oh that guy in the picture is a baba. So does that mean his future wife will be nyonya? wondering...

Cheesy cheese toast dinner!!

Day7 and Day8- They had a talk for us which is 8.30 to 5.00 on both days. Crazy arse. So many people skipped. Including me of course. On the 7th day we sneaked out and went to Queensbay mall WAHAHAHA. We were there till it closed. Then Day 8 skipped the talk again and came back to Ipoh. So here I am! In Ipoh now. Weeheee~


Ames said...

grrrrr omfg you can skip then go to Queensbay..... grrr... i had to keep myself awake thruout the talks.

Ames said...

oh.. i would like to see your room tho.. =)

Ciara said...

okok i forgot to show my room. I'll show you another time k hehee