Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had the most tiring day yesterday..not physically but mentally..
I had a severe headache after going through all those shits I nearly went nuts..
and I drove someone crazy as well, so blunt and speechless.

Think positive! Everything's gonna be alright.

I slept real early due to the insanity that has gone into me but not even more than 15 minutes later someone called...gahh..before that call ended another call came...ended up talking for almost two hours..I had a good chat tho..was happy =)

Today..sadly to say I was super lazy..I felt like sleeping every single minute..I fell asleep for so many times...Laziness struck =(

I had a real heavy dinner just now..regretted for not requesting for a lighter one =(
I'm gaining weight..how i wish i could cease my weight increase..

I started yoga again two weeks back..wana keep fit =) hope it works...will be going more often than I did last time..yay!

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