Monday, October 6, 2008

Hello tuesday

Hee~ I'm here!
Two days in a row I've been skipping school...not mainly because I'm lazy to attend class but I'd rather to wake up later and to have more energy to study in the evening than waking up so early in the morning to school doing nothing and take hours of nap in the evening...that is far more unproductive than staying at home isn't it?
Plus I don't wish to meet bugger at school as I've been pretty unfortunate lately so better not to take the safe =)
Some people are just so absurd bugging the wrong people to get what they want...what a pity

My holidays for raya would be tiring I can say...I was out almost everyday and even fell sick for two days.. I was so unfortunate to get fever on the first day of raya and I went to 5 clinics but all were closed! sigh...pity me..I had no choice but to survive on panadol..*did you know panadol soluble actually taste good?!much better than redoxon I say LOL* but seriously doctors are evil enough to expect there will be no one to fall sick on the first day of raya :( and my appetite totally declined I don't know why..for nights I skipped my dinner and the amount of food I take in a day is only equivalent to a normal person's intake for one meal =/
hmm..even though that happened but I still did not slim down eeeeesh..
need not to say, due to illness my concentration level has impaired which caused my week to be terribly unproductive!

I was so so happy to be able to surprise someone and so so so happy that I made it!weeeeee~

me =)


us =)

There's this picture of me captured by ah piew which he thinks its sooooooo funny he's laughing so much about it..well yeah its kinda funny tho and fugly =.=

don't laugh okay =.=
I was just mirroring myself in the library and coincidentally he was cracking up a joke which made me laugh and so coincidentally too he was holding my cam and TA-DA he got me on camera and was laughing at my stupid face for looking so stupid..eeesh he said in the picture I looked like I was made out of rubber...omgwtf haha

I nearly went out of my house without my bra today =.=


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