Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's a Happy Day!

Sorry for being MIA for so long. I really tried my best to update but its always either I have nothing to blog about or there's not enough time for me.

So...I checked USM and I am requested to sit for a test on the 18th in Anderson school. What will they ask in that test? Do I have to study for the test? Will I be asked to write essay? Is there anyone going to Anderson for the test also? Gee..I'm so worried.

So many people around me been asking where will I be studying? -_______-' I duno la okay.

I went to my cousin's place last saturday to visit my nephew. Haha he is seriously still so cute. There were rabbits in their house so we were playing with the rabbits together after his nap. The rabbits were in the cage so he opened the cage door, putting his short arm in it trying to reach the rabbits. He only managed to pat one and the other one was at the egde so he couldn't reach. He tried so so hard to reach the other rabbit and end up giving up, but the very next moment he tried to CRAWL INTO the cage oh em gee...Hahahaha His head was already the cage..
I went like wtf NOOOOOO~~~ You can't go into the're NOT a rabbit!
Kids do the darnest things huh?

I weighed myself the other day. To my surprise I am now lighter than ever! I am now 4kgs lighter than before. Good news,no? I guess its my hard work these few months made me slimmed down..

Its been a while since I last post up pictures. My blog feels so dead haha.


p/s: Dear loser, I am seriously quitting. Happy?

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