Monday, October 5, 2009


OK here's a quickie~

Oh man I totally forgot to post my bali trip pictures here. Haha. You guys can see part of it in my facebook :) feel free to leave comments alright.

Well can't blame me because I've been really busy lately.
Busy with assignments, prior to that were presentations. Plus I have training EVERYDAY~!
My training is eating up a lot of my time seriously but I chose to commit to it so yeah I can't give up!
Mock test is next Monday yikes >.< I'm so not ready and there are some events I am not able to do yet. Brr~
Too bad that I don't have much time to spend in Ipoh or else my gor gor could teach me everything.

I managed to go back Ipoh for exactly 24 hours last weekend to celebrate mid-autumn festival with my family. It was really nice to celebrate festivals with family members. Ahh too bad again it rained this year. Without fail actually every year it'll drizzle a bit in the evening just to wet the floor so that you can't light up your lanterns and candles properly -__________-'
I should have a very nice picture of a tree with a lot of lanterns hanged onto it but the rain ruined it. Ish.

This little menace on the left kept stealing food from the table when its not ready to be served yet. Haha..he was as fast as a rat! and was as greedy as a puppy LMAO

How did you guys celebrate your mooncake festival? Hope you enjoyed it :)

By the way! Next week is Octoberfeast! Since I'm a German class student I have to duty for the week in my uni. Its gonna be fun I hope! We're selling German style coffee, cakes, German sausages, croissants, juices imported from Germany and sanwiches. There will be a VolksWagen car show too. Our duty will be counted as our German assignment ROFL. How nice isn't it?

Later got training again T______________T
Very tiring least 1k a day.
I've been drinking pool water till bo feel already. No choice because when I tow my victim its quite difficult to control myself from not drinking water.

p/s: Bis nächste Woche lieber!!! Bussi!

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