Sunday, December 19, 2010


Feeling insecure.
Feeling under appreciated.

I spent so much effort and time on this but it seems like its heading to no where. The next path is blurred again. I've always wished that my paths and my paces are clear, to know where I'm heading to. Struggling to put things together and pulling things together is never easy.

I hope you could feel my endurance.
I hope you could see my pain.
I hope you could stitch my wounds.
I hope you can put yourself in my shoes.

The love notes.
The messages.
The calls.
Its the best thing I never knew I needed at the point of moment.

What do people actually do when they feel that they are already at the verge of breaking down and giving up?
Do they really walk away to defend and protect themselves?
Or the strong ones will hold on to think that everything will be ok?

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JaniceW said...

i will choose to walk away instead