Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Now that I've finally settled down in Penang for my internship I guess its time for me to update my poor lil dead blog a bit.

I'm now working in and seriously this is the most relaxing work place ever. Before joining this organization I totally couldn't imagine how would it be like. I'm so glad its all fine and I'm so happy to be here! With funny, friendly and happy people around me it totally makes me a happier person day by day :D

I'm actually staying really near to my office, well as near as walking distance. It makes me lazy to drive to work because there's no place to park my car! There are cars everywhere down my office so if I were to drive I would have to walk a bit too. Well might as well I walk from home right? But the thing is..I get stuff like 'Hi sexayyyy goood morning!' that kinda thing and its not really comfortable =/

Work is fun I can say because I'm learning new things everyday. I hope there's more to come :)
Currently am working on the RSVP of the invitees to the event next week in KL which means I'll be at KL next week! Excited :D I'll be helping out in coordinating and at the same time becoming the usherette for the event. Hehehe.

Wait...i think i started this post at 10.30am and now its 6.30pm already! wtf.
Ciao. Blog soon!


Andrew Tan said...

no wonder you say time at Komunikatin passes so easy. blogging during working hour.

Ciara said...

=/ no andrew hahahahhahahhahha i took like 10 minutes to write this post..not that I spent the whole time doing it LOL