Friday, September 26, 2008

F.O.S. finally has an outlet here in ipoh and was officially opened today =)
Friends and I went to check out but sad to say it seems to have lesser stock available..
so we ended up didn't manage to get anything and left empty handed..sad.....
Felt disappointed when i had to urge to shop but end up didn't get to buy addict =/
so yeah we headed to other shops..there are things which i need to get but I'm very very indecisive and yet i had to drag my two lil friends along to give me their opinion...
haha thanks girls for helping me out..i felt less headache now in making my decision and sorry for giving you girls headache instead LOL
I have already decided i reckon! Hope will not change my mind anymore....gugugaga I sound even more indecisive now =.='

9 days of holiday starts tomorrow! I shall not waste this holiday and make this a productive one!!

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