Monday, February 2, 2009

cny cny cny

Chinese New Year..of food, reunions with friends and family, drinking, gambling and more food!
Its been the same every year but of course it is still enjoyable definitely!

Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year. So far since last Sunday I have been busy everyday!
Comparing this cny to last year's this year was more fun and excitement..more parties to attend and more yum cha sessions =) BUT lesser angpaus this year, ironically this year is more prosperous HAHA..relatives have been more generous this year perhaps!

I think I spent too much this month itself..I realized that what I have now is so much lesser than I've expected and I didn't know what I've spent on for goodness sake~~ I seriously need to cut down on my spending from this very moment onwards..

As I've mentioned this year's cny was more fun and more excitement but it simply equals to exhaustion..late night sleeps for so many nights..well its just for this week so nahh its worth it tho lol..I've been to clubs and karaoke sessions and even very late suppers! can you believe it? Its-so-not-me!! getting FATTER argh!

I've emptied all my red packets and they are scattered on my table right now..oh yeah 'I must not spend!'

Tonight there's a special celebration well I don't know what is it called. Its a tradition that on the 8th day of cny chinese families pray...erm to the sky? haha I don't know..but of course its not compulsary. Bet there will be heaps of fire crackers tonight~! I'm waiting!

Pictures up next!

I had 3 yee sang this year!

2nd day of cny =)

4th day of cny..went to this temple in chemor with family

haha it was too late or 'early' to be precise thats why I decided to pose in the middle of this busy road

KARAOKE session!! and yes thats my manly pair of legs =.= *roll eyes*

duet! wheeee~!

another duet..hahaha

Really happy..and in love with karaoke sessions<3

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