Monday, February 9, 2009


Well well...
As we all know the political stuff in Perak state has been the hot topic among the rakyat in Malaysia. So much is going on right now and it is making things difficult for everybody. Road blocks everywhere-due to the open house held for Chinese New Year in the Menteri Besar's house[to win people's heart?] and another one due to Thaipusum on the freaking same day!=/ Makes driving difficult for everyone. Sigh. Oh yes I nearly crash into an Indian fella's Sentra the other day and he cursed so hard at me wtf. I bet he said something like 'pukimak lu!!!'...omg I can't imagine coz he looked so harsh. =.=

What is the purpose of fighting each other when you actually stay in the same country?

I was in Greentown this afternoon for lunch. Surprisingly I was few kilometres away from the MB's house but I could still hear people protesting! I could not hear what they were actually shouting but I could imagine it was really crazy. Its like everybody goes '$%^*&%#@#$%!!!!!' *sweat* Then I dropped by Parkson a while to get something with my mom..geez this time I was a tad bit further from where I had lunch but I could still hear the voice of the people protesting. =( It seems horrible to me.

Did you people recieved the sms saying that tomorrow is The Black Day for the people in Perak? This was from the supporters of PKR if I'm not mistaken. Its says:-

To show our Perak Sultan that we the rakyat of Perak is unhappy with the unlawful removal of our elected state government, lets declare Tuesday 10/2/2009 the day Perak lost its democracy by wearing full black. It is indeed a dark period for the rakyat of Perak.

I've been seeing groups of people coordinated by colours. Those wearing black are the oppositions I think. I'm not qute sure myself as I choose to care less. I'm not a fan of politics myself or I should say I do not comprehend politics but if it starts to affect me, affects my surroundings, how could I not be bothered? The Sultan has made his decision but the people is not happy about it. What could be the solution that will please everyone? It does not do any good to anyone if this continues because its just plain wasting energy and time. I hope those people realize this. Some of them are just so emotional they go crazy and obsessed to win. I'm afraid fights will start. I did not witness the protest of almost 4000 people in front of the Menteri Besar's house last Thursday so I watched it through Horrible.

I wonder how many will actually wear full black tomorrow as told in the sms. I mean for non-bumis. Honestly from what I see MOST of them who are involved are of the same race. No offence. Ok I better not say more. I don't want to end up in jail. You know I'm not Michael Scofield I can't get the tattoo of a map onto my body HAHA..shit.

Its the Chinese Valentine's day today YAY!

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