Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ciara turns into a cow wtf.

I will not be able to online as often as before anymore and this will last for months. My blog might be the only place I get in touch with you guys. How sad isn't it? I am busy working now thats why.
I am actually giving up my social life and work like a cow. =.= Don't ask me why. Haha.
Seriously I hardly have time now for my family and others who are dear to me.
I am guilty for that but to think about it again I will only be this busy for months only. After this period of time everything will turn back to normal.
Please let time flies~!! *cross fingers*
(B..I'm sorry that you have to tolerate this..and again..I had a really nice valentine's day)

Siksik: If you're reading this I need to ask you something. Reach me please.
Paikyen: We must meet okay!
NSA, KCM and EU: I missshhhhh youuu wahahaha

OH YA people are telling me STPM results may be out on the 28th of Feb. Omg omg omg omg omg omg~~~

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