Sunday, March 22, 2009


Oh wow, end of the month is here soon. Like REAL soon. Time flies ain't it?
Can't wait for my paycheck!? YAY!
I am currently so broke. Heavy debts from Sik. Sigh.

Something nostalgic struck me.
Customers have been asking me "'re....Chinese? Malay? Indian? Or what?" with their confused and curious face. LOL for totally 4 consecutive days now.
I get that alot when I was young. Not much anymore as I grow.
But recently yeah. I meet a looooooot of different people everyday and serve many everyday. Some are friendly, some are not so friendly in fact some are DAMN lan si!
Two days back there was one table of a few Australians, they signalled me and they went...

Australian: Well, just being curious're Chinese? or Malay?
Ciara: No....Eurasian!
Australian: Oh yea? Mixture of what?
Ciara: Erm..I'm a mixture of 5 bloods.
Australian: WOW! What are they?
Ciara: Erm..let me think..Chinese, Irish, Siamese....and....
Australian: So whats your name?
Ciara: I'm Ciara O'Hara.
AustralianS: OHHHHHHHHHHHH.....If we knew your name we would have known.
Ciara: Haha Yeah. =)

And there were High Fives after that. They were actually playing a guessing game on what race am I. I was like =___________________=' sweat.

And just recently too I served one couple, well I bet they were chinese educated. I had a SUPER hard time explaining to them what olive oil is. Holy shit. I was scratching my head the whole time and guess what I'm the only person out of the kitchen who actually speaks cantonese. My lady boss is a total banana [her cantonese sucks really bad, which some decent words can sound so vulgar when she tries to pronounce them] LOL. The bartender is a Punjabi. So I'll have to eat myself up everytime when I come across this =.='.

Man: How is this...Aglio Olio with Bacon cooked ah?
Ciara: Its erm..Linguine pasta pan-fried with olive oil, chilli flakes, basil and our homemade bacon.
Lady: is oilve oil?
Ciara: made of olives?
Man: I think ah must be some special fragrance oil those western people use.
Lady: Oh yes ah? Is it nice??
Ciara: Nononono....Olive oil is not fragrance oil...................
Man: Izit like sesame oil??
Ciara: Well.....sesame oil is made of sesame..Olive oil is made of olives lor...

[At that moment I really felt like going into the kitchen to grab some olives to show them what olives are]

Man: Oh okay...den izit nice or not?
Ciara: Trust me its nice..its one of the most popular dish.
Lady: Eh! got vegetarian pasta!
Man: See See...
Lady: Nehh here...I'm not feeling so well why not take vegetarian pasta..
Man: Ok la..we'll take vegetarian pasta.
Ciara:-________________-' Okay.

Amboiiii susahnyaaaa......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

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