Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello there, I'm back....!!

Its been a long week for me. I took my results past Tuesday (oh yes, that was what I meant about doomsday). I was SO relieved that I did not obtain a C in any of the 4 subjects that I took. PHEWW~ I was screaming to Amy after I opened my result slip LOL coz I did not get a C. That moment of opening the result slip was really scary and plain nervous. Hella scary seriously!
I did not open it in school. I was so afraid that I might break down so I opened in the car with Amy sitting next to me. Geez.
Good news still right?
Yeah! Of Course!
I was expecting a C or two to appear on my result slip.
Thank god!

This year ACS did great, with 9 person getting 4 flat (one of them which is Sik Sik, everyone congratulate her please). We have reporters coming to school take pictures and interview top scorers even! ACS have the most 4 flats this year in the state of Perak. Well done! =) And a few of them were my classmates. Feel so proud. HAHA.
It is NOT EASY at all to be able to obtain 4 flat okay. I would say only brilliant minds and those with excellent understanding ability and fcking hell lot of hard work are able to get 4 flat.

Seriously I'm so proud of you Sik!

You know what, my former classmates, the guy sitting on my right and Sik sitting on my left for the whole 10 months both got 4 flat. I was like 'Man..why didn't I in the middle strike too!?'
Nahh...just kidding. I'm not THAT smart to get 4 flat lahhhh. Lol.

Sik is coming back in like two days time! OMG SO excited!!
She left me here in this hell hole for 3 months! Fuk you!

I had a terrible morning. Please don't give me a hard time for the rest of the day. =(

I have been really tired. Extra tired for this week. I practically feel exhausted every single minute when I am not asleep. From working day and night, lack of sleep everyday, worrying about where am I heading to after this for studies, searching high and low for my alternatives, bla bla bla...

I've never never ever felt that time is so precious before this. Ah yes, proves that I've been slacking pretty much huh.

I'm looking forward to the following week. Adieu for now.

p/s: To the dishonest theif b*itch who took the phone away, curse you! curse you! Fuk u ! Fuk u kau kau! dnmccbhkc!!!