Friday, July 31, 2009

In the world of 'wantan's

Again..its been so long since I updated. I wanted to but the line in my room sucks to the core. Its driving me crazy seriously. I'm so out of the world you know the 'internet world' that I used to be in where I get so addicted to catching up blogs and facebook. The last time I checked my favourite blog sites which was today I actually read FEW posts on each blog. Geez.. I should seriously think about getting broadband shouldn't I?

Well universities closing down because of H1N1 has been the new hot topic for most of us in uni these days. I am so so grateful that my campus is not closing down if not my plans for my mid semester break will be a disaster because if we're gonna have our break now like most universities then we won't be enjoying any break in August. What a pity.

When some things are really intolerable but its just something you can't change, what would you do? I like a seriously OMGWTF situation okay. You know those people who wrap their heads I seriously doubt if they actually have morale?! Its like HELLO???You can't be selfish all the time alright?? Okay my campus is not those where you can go from one destination to another by walking all the time coz its gonna take forever to reach and when you have reached you'll be all sweaty [god bless those who could still make up to class before bus service was provided, hallelujah] so there's bus around campus to transport us. They really have no idea at all about the bus rules. When there's NO seat for you then you gotta MOVE AWAY FROM THE DOOR so that others could get in isn't it? They could actually STAND BY THE DOOR AND NOT MOVE IN!?@#$@$$ WHAT THE FARK IS THAT MAN? Seriously I don't know how many freggin times I've shouted from the door 'Hello??Could you please move in???' My roomate and I do that a lot. REALLY A LOT. Really KNS!

Just two days back, I saw the toilet floor was covered with hair. There are even some around the sink=.= For goodness sake!?!HAIR! A LOT OF THEM. I couldn't tolerate so I asked my neighbour which ungrateful biatch did that. Got to know that it was her roommate was cutting her hair in the toilet. For the sake of god's love man omfg how could she cut her hair in the toilet and not cleaning up the mess. Urgh! How disgusting. My neighbour said she couldn't tolerate her roommate already and she applied to change her room already. Crap. I swear I saw the girl who cut her hair in the toilet brushing her teeth with THREE toothbrushes last night!! Really really 3!! Holy cow she has mental illness or what??She was holding the brushes in her hand and brushed with all of them one by one with her eyes CLOSED! Mahai....These ungrateful people should really gth for being so inconsiderable. I don't mean to be mean but you seriously won't expect me to say it's okay isn't it?
Let me show you a picture of the toilet floor

This is only a small part of it -_________________________________-'

Sigh enough said. Inconsiderable people gets on my nerves like hell.

I'm coming back to Ipoh tomorrow. Can't wait!

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