Friday, August 7, 2009

Butterflies in my tummy!!

Okay I'm not really in a good condition. I have wounds all over I don't know why! Well not really. I do know how I got them but I don't know why I get bruises so easily. =.= and I could feel that my ligament is swollen [if there's such thing] because it hurts when I press it =(

And I personally think that I'm exercising too much. Really too much. I've not done so much exercise before this. To me its too much! I don't want to get 'drumstick like' legs and muscles eek..

Next week will be my mid sem break already. How time flies...and HELLO THAILAND! Here I come! weeehee~

Finally I've finished watching GG2. I'm so slow haha but thats because I'm rather occupied! Anyway I can't wait for the third season!!! I am so into CHUCK BASS!

Picture of the week:

Thats my roomie and I =)

p/s: My neighbour was acting weird again last night. She was washing her clothes like she's washing the whole toilet. Yucks.


Ames said...

u have weird weird neighbours.
Swt drumstick like legs

Ciara said...

HAHAHA yea laaaaa