Wednesday, August 26, 2009

da dum dee dum~

Heyyy I'm back! The previous week was really good but it passed too quickly. There goes my mid sem break. Right now I'm so busy completing assignments and preparing for presentations.

I spent my break in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai,Thailand for 5 days. It was fun! Elephants were awesome and there were a lot of interesting places to visit. I was lucky that I got to step into Laos and visited the border or Myanmar too~! Three countries in one visit? Wheee~
but too bad with the connection speed I have right now its quite impossible for me to upload photos. I have tonnes of them!

Oh ya!! I did nail art before returning to uni. Damn SUKA. This time I chose leopard prints. Feels so good with pretty nails but its coming off soon =(

Feels cold these days. Its been raining almost everyday. Brr~

Have you all watched 1 litre of tears? I just finished the drama after so long haha. Yea call me slow >.< I cried like mad cows and so ironicly everytime I watch that my roomie will be watching her funny drama and laughing her ass off every...2 minutes? So its like I'm crying like a baby and she's like less than 2 metres from me laughing and laughing -_____________________-'

I've become so fat that I almost can't fit in some of my pants anymore. Yesterday I went to class and I unbuttoned my pants everytime when I'm seated. How pathetic. The lecturer looked towards my way when I was about to unbutton my pants. Damn scary. But I did too when he looked away haha. I seriously don't dare to weigh myself. Okay....Pray hard I'm still 48 or below. If not I shall start intensive exercise already.

I have new hair! again...not really new but still!!!! and yeah I'm so happy that little Hazel has finally arrived. She's certainly so adorable =)

Need to head to the pool already. Tchuss!!

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