Saturday, August 8, 2009

Its cold, need hug!

This is actually the very first weekend I'm spending in uni. So you could imagine how often I've been going home since my semester started. I spent so much on transportation. Even more than food. Not that I'm homesick or what but it just so happen that almost every weekend there's something on which makes me want to go back =)

Today I saw a senior of mine WOW she has a tattoo on her neck! Haha first encounter. I'm thinking of..............

PHEW I'm SO relieved something ended! Thank god seriously!!

Out of no where, I suddenly miss certain people...the friends I used to have. Maybe its some stuff going on that made me feel nostalgic =)

Wanted to show you guys some pictures but too bad blogger is being gay so another day perhaps =)



PoisonKagero said...

hugs dear!

Ciara said...

woohoo thank you so much

Chrys said...


and kisses on the cheek too ! XOXO

hope you're doing well in penang.. just think of the glorious food.. char keuy teow.. chendol.. laksa.. fried squid.. OMG@!!(*&@#(!P&@

Ciara said...

thank you chrys haha..
yeah the good food eeeek >.<

Ames said...


fast fast come back