Tuesday, October 27, 2009

German week!

I know this is so outdated but I still want to share my experience in the German week in my uni two weeks back :) It was fun and it was BIG! The German embassy KL sent a few representatives to USM to promote themselves. Not to forget the German Ambassador of Malaysia came too for the opening ceremony. And of course there were so many German companies like Qcells, SGL and etc. were there to promote and recruit new staff. They encouraged us to work for them as interns during our semester break. I got quite a number of phamplets and booklets and free gifts such as lanyard, notebooks, and so much information about studying and working in Germany. Man they are really giving a lot of oppurtunity to us students. I registered myself in one company where they recruit new workers from time to time and they will keep me updated monthly on the vacancies that are available in their company. Hence as soon as graduation is near they will inform those who have registered on the vacancy that is suitable for us. At least that was what I was told. I'm not sure myself how genuine the information is but..haha who knows? you know...

So, there was Volks Wagen car show as I mentioned in my previous posts and German food was sold too. My duty was to be the student ambassador and also to sell food. The cakes were really good. I tried every flavour that was available! I'm too embarrassed to tell how much cake I had for that particular week =( Coincidentally it was my neighbour's birthday that week and I had birthday cake too =.=' Geez...

OK let me name them from bottom left, clockwise- Plum crumble, Chocolate cake, Chocolate cheese cake, also chocolate cheese cake, German cheese cake, apple cake, coffee and walnut strudel, carrot walnut cake and German pretzels!

They were so nice to let us test drive the cars. I tested the VW EOS OMG I tell you it has the wow factor! and I tested the beetle too haha.

This is the VW EOS :)

and me test driving EOS!

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