Friday, March 12, 2010

All down!

Yello people :)
I'm so relieved right now! All assignments down!!..but there's one more presentation to go!
Really very relieved haha I am totally overjoyed.

I went to genting the other day with my family to watch 黄子华(wong zi wah in cantonese-in case you can't read chinese) He's totally a joker haha. Its wasn't a singing concert but he came this time as a comedian just like Russell Peters but his show is in cantonese. I totally enjoyed it so much coz I was laughing so much through out the show.
I finally feel it that there's really not much to do in genting except gambling or going to the theme park.
OH I managed to sneak into the casino! How amazing. I was caught the first time but the second time I made it but almost being caught also. >.<

Mom stuffed us with coffee bean

so nostalgic haha..being bullied when mom is not around

Curry in flaming coconut! totally awesome :) Its from the Vietnamese restaurant

and a really scrumptous beef dish from the same restaurant too.

I find this really cute. Custom made car number plate haha.

I'll be in penang this weekend. Feels weird when I don't go back to Ipoh coz thats what I always do on weekends LOL.

Going out for dinner already.

p/s: I want to go melb and hk!

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