Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aquatic Night 2010

Meeting provocative people is definitely not something that I will appreciate. Hence the best way is to avoid I reckon. Who doesn't know 'prevention is better than cure'?
Not only provocative people..but those who have thick skin issues really gets on my nerves.

Today is really 'what-a-day' day. Haha if you get what I mean.
Things were up and down..and even left and right. Things are swaying=.=
I have dilemmas right now. Making decision is tough sometimes especially when it totally determines your future with this one small step that you take.

I'm very afraid to be selfish but somehow I always end up being selfish for my own benefit. I can't deny that a lot of times I will put myself before others but there are significantly many times that I sacrifice my needs and desires to fulfill others'. Some which I regret after. How do you actually make decisions? Is it best to opt for the one that will benefit more people? or opt for the decision that will benefit myself the most?
What if the decision does not benefit me at all in my current situation and its all about voluntary and sacrificing?

LG in uni has been sucking a lot of my time and seriously occupied a lot of my time and constrained myself from doing other things. I'm relieved that all the events are over. Well we had this Aquatic dinner in Hardwicke House next to Northem Hotel last saturday night. It was just alright and my department was the busiest of all that night. We had to handle the PA system, make sure the program goes well, we were the game masters, make sure the emcee says the right thing..and bla bla and bla. The best part of the night would be watching our 'tribute' to the seniors who are leaving the corp soon. This time my department made a video for our seniors and we took almost a freggin month to come out with a script and did all the crappy video shootings. It was hella tough when it comes to editing the video!

Oh anyway I danced a bit in the video haha. Did not play much role coz I was the director. Its not much of a good quality video because it was sort of a last minute thing but I'm already satisfied that we could get it done. I have totally no talents in acting and directing so I'm totally out from Film and Broadcasting..I'm going for PR..[yes I'm talking about my major] which I have to decide by this coming Monday. T.T

I'll show a few pictures from that night. There are more in my facebook. Feel free to check out.