Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What nots

Time for some updates.
Okay 2 down and 4 more to go. Can't wait!
I'll be going redang next weekend and its totally awesome hahahaha..yes I'm overjoyed

So last week was my study week and no doubt it was a tough time studying non stop from dusk till dawn and struggling everyday after study group to prepare for the next study group. Its pretty motivating when you see people around you studying non stop and the pressure you get is seriously making you unable to relax..not even a bit.

Okay it wasn't as suffering as I described or as you imagined haha..coz we went out to give ourselves a lil escape during that week as well. It will be totally crazy staying in our rooms to study for more than 7 days =.= We didn't even have to go out from our rooms for our meals because we have our dinners delivered on weekdays till our final is over.

So sushi bonanza was it..

And another outing we went was to watch midnight show. Watched Echoes of The Rainbow. I think everyone should totally watch this. They won the Berlin Awards and so many other awards. The story is pretty good quite similar to 'One litre of tears' but its still good. But somehow I think it could be better. Anyway I'm gonna give 9/10 for this movie.

And another outing for dinner in Toilet Bowl again and another movie!

I'm so glad we had these outing if not I will keep eating and eating and eating in my room. I've been munching all the time and I can see my tyres starting to bulge out. Crap.

I shall stop now as I've not studied anything for my paper tomorrow. Its a language paper anyway but still..!!!

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