Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hennessy Artistry in Ipoh!

So I was mentioning in my previous post about me attending Hennessy Artistry in Ipoh, guess its time to blog about it before it gets too outdated :)

The setting for the event was good as expected :) I had fun with my girls and I'm sure it will be one of our best memories together in Ipoh.
We had Hennessy all night long and I actually barely had more than 3 glasses because we were busy *ahem*taking pictures @.@
And and geez..the crowd was crazily fashionably late! We were already very late and our phones kept buzzing with people asking us why are we not there yet and surprisingly when we were there the place wasn't even crowded. It only started to get crowded after 12.30 am! Nocturnal much? :D

Point Blanc was performing singing his songs from his album. Not quite a fan but at least he managed to hype up the crowd :)
It was pretty much a picture taking night for us rather than a typical Friday clubbing night out. We were all so excited and seriously I think almost every single person attended took pictures because I observed that most people are busy with their cameras most of the time.

The registration booth outside barroom.

Not a pretty picture for me but the other two look in this picture! :)

Posing awkwardly at the registration counter =/

Look at Mr.Happy, Miss Albino and Me.

Miss Million Dollar Smile, as quoted from Amy Ho :D

The next one will be held in 69 Mansion, Penang.
Penangites, gear up yourselves and check out the next Hennessy Artistry!
Too bad bebeh is not around if not I will totally go with her!


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