Saturday, June 25, 2011


I woke up without using the alarm clock today! It feel so good to sleep all I want until I've had enough but life doesn't allow me to do that everyday.
The moment I woke up I could smell the strong aroma of a baking cake I thought someone put a cake on my face =.='
Well....its not. It was actually my lady landlord who was baking cupcakes! She gave me some of the freshly baked cupcakes. How sweet of her :D
Freshly baked cupcakes for breakfast is totally awesome ok!

You know..
A lot of times I wish that a day will have 36 hours instead of 24. I wish time passes slower..
But for this point of time..I wish time passes faster. This gonna be a horrible month for me :(

I just pray very very hard that things will be fine...and things will go back the same way how it used to be. I don't want to be in this situation now.
Losing something important is not a good feeling at all. I can't bear something so important to me to just walk off and leave. What am I gonna do?
I've put my very best.

I flew this bird away out of respect.
I just wish..this bird will come back to my arms someday when it is tired of flying.

That's what I'm asking for only.
I don't want anything more.

I want to hear those words again.
Only from you.

Please don't break this little heart of mine.
Just so you know..I took this picture when I was sad. I faked that smile.